2008 Federal Income Tax Returns

After 1/31/2009, when considering your car wash loan application we, and the banks and finance companies, will want to use your business and personal federal income tax returns dated as of 12/31/2008.  This would be one of the three tax returns needed for 12/31/2008, 12/31/2007, and 12/31/2006.

If you intend to apply after 1/31/2009 to borrow money to buy, construct, or refinance a car wash you will be asked to provide your personal and business federal income tax returns for 12/31/2008 as filed.  If you can provide your 2008 federal income tax returns soon after 12/31/2008 this will be viewed as a favorable indication of how you handle your business.

If you intend to sell a car wash in early 2009 it is to your advantage to have the 12/31/2008 tax returns for that car wash completed well before your buyer applies for his or her car wash loan.

After 4/15/2009 an "extension" of your 12/31/2008 tax returns will not be acceptable.  We and the banks and finance companies really expect your tax returns to be completed by the first deadline date, not extended.

Let us know if you have any problems with providing the 12/31/2008 tax returns.

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