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3.  Actual Car Wash Loans Made - Descriptions

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5.  Typical Loan Terms for SBA-Guaranteed Loans

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9.  Car Wash Loans Blog:  Odds and Ends, and Do's and Don'ts

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13.  Car Wash Loan Checklist - Construction

14.  Car Wash Loan Checklist - Refinance

15.  A Word About 2009 Federal Income Tax Returns

16.  Car Wash Business Plan Information

17.  Car Wash Revenue and Cash Flow Projections (new car washes)

18.  Car Wash Proforma Cash Flow Analysis (existing car washes)

19.  Refinancing Your Car Wash      Includes a worksheet to estimate the new refinancing loan amount.

20.  Common Car Wash Construction Costs

21.  Common Operating and Other Expenses

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23.  Car Wash Financial Calculator (including Loan Payment Calculator)

24.  Streamlined Loan Payment Calculator (only)

25.  Proforma Cash Flow to Calculate Purchase Price

26.  Guide to Completing the Proforma Cash Flow to Calculate Purchase Price

27.  Finding a Car Wash to Buy

28.  Reasons That Car Wash Owners Sell       

29.  Car Washes For Sale         These are from sellers who have specifically asked us to list them here.

30.  Getting a Loan to Buy a Car Wash on Leased Land

31.  Car Wash Equipment

32.  Car Wash Web Sites      Hundreds of car wash web sites by type of car wash.  Lots of good pictures here.

33.  Car Wash Pictures and Videos

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36.  Car Wash Magazine Articles About Advertising, Promotion, and Customer Relations

37.  Magazine Articles About New Car Wash Site Selection and About Designing and Constructing a New Car Wash

38.  Magazine Articles About Buying an Existing Car Wash

39.  Other Articles, Including Car Wash Business Plan Articles

40.  Car Wash Industry On-Line Message Boards (also known as Forums and Bulletin Boards)

41.  Learning More About the Car Wash Industry (primarily for newcomers to the industry)

42.  Guide to the Car Wash Construction Process

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