Getting a Loan to Buy a Car Wash on Leased Land

We have experience financing purchases of car washes on leased land.  However, true or not, most lenders view loans made to purchase car washes on leased land as having very little, if any, collateral for the loan.

At this time we will consider financing your purchase of a car wash on leased land ONLY if you will be offering a first lien or strong second lien collateral position in a second real estate property.  This additional real estate collateral is usually marketable commercial or residential income property.  We will consider your personal residence for additional collateral.  The market value of the second "fee simple" property must sustantially collateralize the loan to buy the subject car wash.

If you are a newcomer to the car wash industry, are considering purchasing a car wash on leased land, and need financing for your purchase but do not plan to offer or cannot offer additional real estate collateral in addition to the car wash, please do not contact us about financing the purchase.  Your best course of action is probably to get the seller to finance your purchase.

If you already own a car wash or multiple car washes, including the land, we probably CAN provide you with a loan to buy a car wash on leased land.

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