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We have matched buyers and sellers for years.  We have had good success at financing those sale/purchase transactions.

This is a new page for us.  It is an experiment.  We have matched buyers and sellers, but not by using this web site.  We will continue this car wash buyer/seller matching service only if it is beneficial for everyone involved.

If you want to sell your car wash at a REALISTIC price and within a reasonable amount of time (within 6 months from start) we will connect you with capable buyers who are seeking a car wash of the type that you are selling.  We will give you the potential buyer's contact information so that you can contact that person directly.  Please respect my time:  If you are just trying to see how much you can get for your car wash and have no real intention of selling within about 6 months, please do not contact me to put your car wash on this list.

If you are a potential buyer of one of these car washes, please e-mail or call us.  Please make sure that you are a serious buyer, that you have the cash down payment (usually 20% to 22%), and that you are otherwise credit-worthy.  We will have the seller contact you directly.  We are not posting these car washes for sale just for fun:  If you do buy we would like to have the opportunity to provide the financing for you.

Car Wash Loans and Alan Bussey make no claims or representations of any kind whatsoever about any car wash listed here.  You should not rely upon any of the information below to make your purchase decision.  You are entirely responsible for your own due diligence.


Washington County

Posting date:  4/20/2005.  Combination self-serve and in-bay automatic.  Floor heat.  Remote video monitoring using the Internet.  Revenue stated to be $86,000.  Includes land.  Asking  $340,000.


Posted: 6/14/2005:  Long Island, Brentwood area.  Full Service Conveyor Car Wash and Detailing.  Revenue stated to be $910,000.  Net Operating Income stated to be $518,000.  Includes land.  Asking $3,950,000.


Dayton area.

Posting date:  04/16/2005.  Combination self-service and in-bay automatic.  Revenue stated be about $140,000 recently, fluctuating between $100,000 to $140,000 over the last five years.  Includes land.  Asking $490,000.

Youngstown (Mahoning County) area.

Posting date:  6/5/2005.  Combination self-serve and in-bay automatic.
  Revenue averages around $100,000 per year.  Includes land.  Asking $340,000.  Owner/seller plans to relocate out of the area.


Dallas-Fort Worth area

Posting date:  9/27/2005.  Existing full-service conveyor car wash.   At least three full years of financial history available, plus the year-to-date interim statements.  The car wash seems to be in excellent condition with some new equipment.  Overall, very clean.  Reporting about $325,000 annual revenue.   Asking $750,000.  Seller willing to carry back as much as $100,000 in second lien subordinated debt.   Purchase price includes land, building, equipment, and all other assets.  Including all financing costs and $20,000 of Working Capital the Total Project Cost is about $793,000.  You'll need about $193,000 (26%) cash down to make the cash flow coverage of debt service attractive to a bank or finance company.

Waco/Temple/Killeen area.

Posting date:  04/13/05.  New standalone double in-bay automatic open two full months.   According to the sellers the wash seems to be generating solid revenue early.  The two partners desire to sell because the drive is just too far from their homes.  Includes land.  Asking about 4x revenue, which would seem to be an asking price of about $1 million.

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