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 These are links to advertising and promotion-related articles that have appeared in Professional Carwashing & Detailing Magazine .  To come back to this list you'll need to use your browser's "Back" button.

These articles are from issues starting with January 1995 and ending October 2002 - 82 issues.

Wash Package 101:  How to Get More For Less
    Discusses the merits of offering incentives

Separate Yourself From the Pack                       
    Detail advertising and Promotion.                                                     
Put Profit in the Mail                                                                                             
    Direct mail.

12 Ways to Keep Customers Coming Back                                                         Back To Main Menu
    Customer relations.

Make Your Wash Part of the Community

How to Write a Dynamite Advertising Plan
    Advertising planning and Budgeting.

What's It Take to Be the Best?

    Includes a quick overview of advertising.

A Hands-On Approach Educates Customers
     Customer relations.

How to Hit Those `Moving' Targets
    Fleet and commercial accounts.

It's in the (Comment) Cards
    Use of customer feedback cards.

Achieve Uniform Success

Good Signs Point To Profits

Direct Mail Coupons: They Work For You
    Direct mail coupons.

Uniforms Help Make the Carwash
Back to Main Menu

Carwash 'Blends In' for Success
    Direct mail and club programs.

To Boost Sales, Use A Club
    Club programs.

How to Handle Discounts
    Price discount plans.

Basic Marketing: It's Like Fishing                                                                                             Back to Main Menu
    Variety of promotion, publicity, and advertising ideas.

How to Choose Advertising Experts
    Using an advertising agency.

Sold! On Express Polishing
    Selling express detailing services at the conveyor car wash.

Signs of Excellence

Signs Point to Profits
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Upselling Extras Increases Tunnel Profits
    Selling extra services to customers.

The Rain Tunnel Express Rolls Into Town

    Couponing and promotion for an exterior-only conveyor.

Risky Venture Turns Into Success
    Small mention of advertising at successful full-service car wash.

Blue Ribbon Ad Campaigns                                                                                              Back to Main Menu
    Results of an ad program competition by the magazine.

Marketing to the 'Untouchables'
    Selling additional items and services to exterior-only conveyor customers.

Clip Coupons From Your Marketing Plan

   Eliminating coupons in favor of frequent-washer programs.  Consider the source of this article.

Coupon Advertising
    Cooperative direct mail coupons.  Consider the source of this article also.

Operator Finds Success in the Off-Season
    Including an automobile accessory franchise in your car wash business.

101 Carwashing Tips
    Of these 101 ideas a few are related to advertising, promotion, and customer service.

10 Tips to Powerful Coupons

    Design basics for creating an effective coupon.

Special Attractions Draw Customers
    Laser light shows for the car wash tunnel and conventional promotions.

Beat the Competition                                                                                                        Back to Main Menu
    Basics of designing an effective coupon.

Paddling Upstream Proves Successful at Deer Creek

    Couponing through the Chamber of Commerce.

Say It With Signs
    In-store signage.

Setting High Goals at Mountain View
    Very good description of comprehensive advertising program.

Hi Mom!
    Cable television advertising.

Take It Outside
    Uniforms and uniform management.

Get Your Customers to Pay Now, Buy Later                                                                                  
    Prepaid wash programs.

Marketing Your Wash
    Mention of donating coupon books to silent auction fund-raisers.

101 Carwash Marketing Tips                                                                                      Back to Main Menu
    A collection of marketing ideas assembled from articles prior to the June 1998 issue.

With Signs - Think Big
    Effective use of billboard advertising.

Marketing Your In-Bay Automatic
    A few promotional ideas good for any car wash.

How to Get More Customers
    Database marketing.

How to Launch a PR Blitz
Back to Main Menu
    Steps for a simple public relations campaign.

Build a Winning Coupon Strategy

Money Up Front                                                                                                                             
    Frequent washer programs.

Fleet Accounts: Are They Fool's Gold?
    Fleet accounts.

Ten Questions for Evaluating Your Marketing                                                               Back to Main Menu
    Evaluating your marketing and advertising effectiveness.

Targeting Customers by Direct Mail
    Direct mail.

How to Generate Community Goodwill

Use the Media to Publicize Your Wash

Seven Ways to Attract Attention
Back to Main Menu
    Variety of promotion ideas.

Ten Reasons Why You Need an Effective Sign
    Pole signs.

15 Customer Service Tips
    Customer Service.

Get Your Customers to Pre-Pay                                                                                                     
    Prepaid programs.

A Different Kind of Holiday Card                                                                                 Back to Main Menu
    Prepaid programs.

Improving Customer Satisfaction
    Customer Relations.  Incentive-based customer service program.

Effective Yellow Page Advertising
    Yellow Page Advertising.

The Art of Couponing

Tips For Sales Success
    Customer relations.  Greeter (ticket writer) sales techniques.

Get More Customers Now!

We Couldn't Miss Your Ad...                                                                                                          
    Innovative advertising ideas.

Four Image Killers
    Customer relations.

Attention to Detail: Marketing details                                                                           Back to Main Menu
    General article about promotion for detailers.

Database Marketing: 101
    Database Marketing.

Find Profit in Your Slowest Hours
    Balancing revenue per hour through effective on-site advertising and promotion.

Keep your Best Customers
    Customer service - customer feedback.

Creating a Coupon Strategy                                                                            
    Coupon placement ideas, coupon design ideas, database marketing.

How to Develop a Carwash Marketing Budget and Strategy
    Considering the advertising and promotion possibilities within a budget.    
5 Steps to Cross-Marketing

Poll: Holidays Prompt Carwash Promotions

Carwash celebrates dog days of August                                                                        Back to Main Menu

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  These are links to advertising and promotion-related articles that have appeared in Auto Laundry News magazine.  To come back to this list you'll need to use your browser's "Back" button.

Customer Service:
    We're All in the Business of Satisfying Customers

Customer Indifference:
    Positively Motivate Your Customers to Return

Educating Customers:
    Improve Sales through Communications!

At Least Ask!
    If You Don't, Customers Can't Say Yes!

More Than Being Nice
    Customer Service is a Contact Sport

Government Fleets:  Opportunities Abound
    Government fleet accounts.

Seeing Yellow:  There's Gold in Advertising If You Do It Right
    Yellow pages advertising.

Customer Anger:  Your Employees Feel the Pain.  What You Can Do about It.
    Customer relations.  Dealing with irate customers.

Grand Prix Opens Second Winner
    Themed full-service car wash and lube center.  Discussion of promotional ideas.
Marketing: Getting to Know You
    Developing a marketing plan.

Car Wash Club New Program Locks Customers in, Encourages Frequency             Back To Main Menu                                                                     

Advertise, or Not Is It Even a Question?

Relationship Marketing
    The Key to Keeping Customers

 60 Percent
    Cater to the Majority of Your Customers

    Getting to Know You

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Auto Laundry News Articles
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  These are links to advertising and promotion-related articles that have appeared in Modern Car Care magazine.  To come back to this list you'll need to use your browser's "Back" button.

Reaching Out
    Attract new customers and encourage repeat business

High Dollar Impulse Items Boost Lobby Sales
    Distributor says "Man cannot live by trees alone"

Go On, Be a Sell-Out!
    Use a few merchandising tricks to get lobby sales moving

Extra Services Mean Extra Income
    Develop a winning marketing strategy

6 Ways to Improve Lobby Sales
Set up a plan to stock items that appeal to customers

Sales Training Yields Loyalty, Profits
    Most detail shop owners will agree that it's critical to make a good first impression on a customer.

Pondering Prepaid Plastic
      a growing number of people are starting to save their cash and make use of the latest in prepaid options.

Customers Love Prepaid
    A cashless system may be right for your new wash

How to "Sign Up" for More Business
    These tips from the pros can improve your ability to communicate

Drive the Competition Crazy
    Simple changes can make profits soar

Cross-Merchandising at the Carwash
    How can I market the carwash so that I can make more money?

The Little Book of New Age Carwash Marketing
    Chapter I: It's no longer a rose, so change the name
Extra, Extra, Read All About It!
    Car Wash uses marketing savvy to its advantage

Get Connected
    So if the Schwartz family in Omaha, Neb., has a Web site, isn’t it time for your carwash to have one?

Signage Can Make or Break Your Carwash                                                          Back To Main Menu
    Carwash operators often forget some key facts that make signage a critical issue.

Use Publicity to Boost Your Business
    Any small business owner can achieve near-celebrity status in their towns through media visibility.

Marketing on a Limited Budget
    With just a little creative thinking, you can enjoy the benefits of an expensive marketing campaign on a "shoestring" budget.

Carwash Marketing 101
    Find the right strategy for your location

Signs Need to Be Part of a Plan
    Signing for any business should be based on what the signs need to do.

It's Not the Medium, It's the Message
    Maxi winners find different routes to advertising success

A Little Magic Brings Out the Kid in the Customer
    Here's a wash designed especially for little "squirts"

You Can Keep Them Coming Back for More

    Customer loyalty programs exchange limitations for opportunities

A Good Idea Calls for Action
    Implementing a strategy can be easier than you think

Promotions and Benefits Build Community Relations
    Gas House shows it's fun to be a good citizen.

Good As Gold
    Golden Nozzle Car Wash carries on a family tradition

Think Pink
    Seattle’s Elephant Car Wash never forgets its customers

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