What We Do For You

We specialize in financing all types of car washes throughout the United States of America.  (Every state, every county, every city, every town - everywhere in the U.S.A.).  These loans are commonly used to construct, purchase, refurbish, or refinance a car wash.

We are a "business loan broker specializing exclusively in the car wash industry".  This is similar to a home mortgage company, but we specialize.   In addition to simply processing your loan application we act as your "business loan consultant", structuring your loan so that it makes good sense for all parties to your transaction - but especially makes sense for you.

We make the application process easy for you.  We find ways to get deals done.

We will work to get you the very best overall loan.  This includes the lowest down payment, the lowest interest rate, and the longest possible term.  We work for YOU, not the lender.  (That is THE important distinction between us and other commercial loan brokers, and between us and banks and finance companies.)

Variety of Loan Programs Nationwide

We arrange car wash loans through banks and finance companies in our nationwide network of lenders. We have strong long-term professional relationships with these lenders.  Because of these strong relationships we arrange interest rates and other terms for our applicants that are better than most applicants can get on their own.

We frequently add and delete lenders from our network due to the lenders' ever-changing loan policies.  The best lender one day may not be the best lender the next day.  Some banks and finance companies are decreasing their financing of car washes just as others are INcreasing their financing of car washes.  It is an ever-changing network of lenders.

We only deal with those lenders who offer loan terms that are superior to the majority of lenders.

Early in the application process, we will discuss your loan with at least several lenders who are already receptive to making loans on car washes.  We quickly narrow the lenders for you to just those who will agree to the best overall financing terms for your project.  This SAVES you considerable TIME and MONEY.

Getting Started With Your Loan Application
           This is how it really works, with every application.

First, please be sure that you have a specific car wash that you plan to buy and where you have already negotiated a purchase price.  Or, please have a specific site for a car wash that you plan to build and where you have already negotiated the purchase price.  In other words, please do not ask us to do a pre-approval for a car wash purchase or a car wash construction project that does not exist.

We can "pre-approve" (i.e, "pre-qualify") your loan over the telephone in about 15 minutes. But, we don't do every loan that we are asked to do, even if you do qualify.

If you have a real deal and want to talk about whether we might be able to help you with your new car wash project or your car wash purchase we would be happy to discuss this with you by telephone.

If the initial telephone conversation seems to merit continuation of your loan request, we will e-mail (or fax) to you a simple pre-approval package.  This includes a pre-approval checklist and some simple forms that you can complete on your computer.  You can e-mail and fax your completed pre-approval information back to us.

I will then discuss your application with at least three of our lenders.  We will get your loan terms worked out IN ADVANCE of your formal application.  (That is also an important distinction.)  Unlike other loan brokers and unlike direct lenders, we will not "trap" you into a loan that you really don't want.  We will get you Letters of Interest and/or we can speak with the lender representatives with you by telephone conference call before your formal application.  Neat!

Once it appears that we can get your loan approved, closed, and funded as we have discussed, we will e-mail, fax, or Priority Mail to you the complete car wash loan application package.

We have taken steps to sharply reduce the amount of paperwork that you will need to do for your application.  Remember that the less paperwork that YOU have to do, the less paperwork that WE have to deal with here in our office.  We are always searching for ways to eliminate paperwork!

Our car wash loan application process is an open and honest process and I will keep you informed all along the way.

And we will not "trap" you into a loan that you do not want.  I promise.

Site Analysis (New Construction and Extensive Refurbs)

For a new construction and significant refurbs, we do a site analysis with each car wash construction loan application as a "backup" for the site analysis done by the equipment supplier, by you, and by any car wash consultant.

We collect traffic count information, demographic information, and other relevant information about the area surrounding the car wash site.

Using the available information we, to the best or our ability, make sure that your selected site is a very good one.  We will not finance car washes planned for sites that seem to be weak.

Streamlined Loan Application Process

We finance car washes exclusively.  Beginning in 1994 we have developed a streamlined car wash loan application process that will save you time and money.

We completely structure the loan and get agreement to the loan terms with the lenders PRIOR to asking for formal loan approval.  We negotiate the lowest loan transaction costs - appraisal, environmental, legal, etc..  (Heck, we don't get paid anything for that stuff!) 

After you are satisfied with the loan terms we process your loan application for formal approval.  Much of the processing for us is step-by-step, where most generalist lenders (bank loan officers) don't know how to process car wash loans quickly. Car wash financing is all that we do.

We have designed all of our software and applicant forms specifically to process car wash loans.  This makes the application as quick and as easy for you as possible.

We ask you only for the information that we need to get your loan approved.  We don't ask you for any unnecessary information, but we do make sure that we ask the right questions at the right time.

We use a detailed quality control process in our office to make sure that your application package is complete and that each item in the package is useful and clearly supports approval of your loan.

We take care of arranging the financing and we generally arrange excellent loan repayment terms for you.  We work on your behalf to make certain that you get the best overall loan for your car wash.

We want to finance your car wash!

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