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Including a loan payment calculator.

This financial calculator is written in Java Script. In order to use it you need a Java capable browser.  If you enter numbers in the calculator, but nothing happens, you may need to download Java at

Enter data in any 4 of the 5 fields to calculate the remaining blank field.  Then calculate the remaining field by clicking on the button at the right of the blank field.

As a help to you, for a 15-year loan there are 180 monthly payments.  For a 20-year loan there are 240 monthly payments.  For a 25-year loan there are 300 monthly payments.  (Just multiply the number of years you want to use times 12.)

What is the amount of the loan?
What is the interest rate? (i.e. 8% = 8)
How many payments over the life of loan?
How many payments are there per year?
What is the amount of the loan payment?

Steps for common car wash financial calculations

1.)  Calculate the monthly loan payments on your car wash loan.

2.) Calculate the maximum loan amount that the car wash cash flow will support.  Banks evaluate the cash flow of the car wash first when determining the loan amount.  Everything else is distantly secondary.  Calculate the maximum amount that a bank will loan you based upon the cash flow of the car wash or overall car wash business.

Note that the bank or finance company will usually lower the indicated maximum loan amount to 75 or 80% of the appraised amount, or to an even lower percentage.  The bank or finance company in most cases orders the appraisal after the loan has been approved based upon the Cash Flow to Service Debt and other factors.

3.)  Calculate an effective interest rate for a car wash equipment lease.  Use this to compare leases.  This only works if the last payment (residual) is essentially zero ($1).

4.)  Calculate the number of payments remaining on a car wash loan.

5.)  Calculate a car wash capitalization rate.

With this calculator you can also determine your return on cash invested (cash-on-cash rate of return) and the cash return on assets.  Most car wash investors calculate these numbers both before and after the loan payment.

If you want to do other calculations and need assistance, or want us to add the step-by-step instructions for a calculation, please e-mail us and we will help you.

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