Car Wash Pictures and Videos

This is an experimental or draft page.  We will likely edit the videos to shorten them and make the file sizes smaller.  We will add pictures and videos as time allows us to do so. 

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The videos have sound, so turn up your volume control to get a good feel for the traffic in the area.  You can click on the little 'parallel line' symbol in the lower left corner of the video player to pause the video, then click on that same spot again to start play again.

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1. Pure self-service car wash      The equipment room is under the drying shed at the back of the property.      360-degree interactive panorama from stitched photos

1.    Pure self-service car wash
     Euless (DFW Airport area), Texas

      You will need Java for the 360-degree picture above.  This is the link for the FREE Java reader download:

2.  Exterior-only Conveyor with no automatic POS terminals and with the non-exterior wash services area under the vacuum/drying canopy

2.   Bedford Speedway Picture 9

3,   Bedford Speedway Picture 10

4.   Bedford Speedway Picture 11

5.   Bedford Speedway Picture 12

6.   Bedford Speedway Picture 13

7.   Bedford Speedway Picture 25

8.   Bedford Speedway Video 4    taken 12/14/06

9.   Bedford Speedway Video 7    taken 12/14/06

10.   Bedford Speedway Video 13    taken 12/14/06

11.   Bedford Speedway Video 14    taken 12/14/06

12.   'After-care' Area at Exterior Wash - note small glassed-in air-conditioned customer waiting area     Bedford (DFW Airport area), Texas

13.   Exterior showing manned cashier kiosks    Bedford (DFW Airport area), Texas

3.  Combination Car Wash at Dusk     Florida

14.   3 + 1 with neon around eave of roof

4.  Express Exterior     
Grapevine (DFW Airport), Texas

Express Exterior-Only S-Turn Into Tunnel Front Entrance  video taken 12/12/2006   

      Above shows a car leaving the POS area at left, just right of the utility pole, then turning right into the 'S'.  Also shows a car moving forward from the rear of the property and turning into the self-serve vacuuming area under the canopy.

Traffic Flow Through Exterior Only S-Turn   video taken 12/12/2006

5.  Full Serve and Neighboring Self Serve    Grapevine (DFW Airport), Texas

17.   Full Serve and Neighboring Self Serve        video taken 12/12/2006

     Above shows that the newer self-serve has no cars in the wash bays, but the full-serve at left is very busy.  The Express Exterior in the previous video was also very busy at the same time, about 1:00PM on a sunny Tuesday, 12/12/2006, with the temperature at 70 degrees.  All three car washes are in an area with annual household incomes above $100,000.

Full Serve and Neighboring Self Serve II   video taken 12/13/2006

6.  Express Exterior - no prepping, no hand toweling, no after-care services     
Saginaw (Ft. Worth), Texas

19.   Exterior-Only - Vehicle Moving From POS to Tunnel Entrance   video
taken 12/13/2006

20.   Exterior-Only Tunnel Exit    video
taken 12/13/2006   

21.   Message Board Sign in Full Sunshine  
video taken 12/13/2006

22.   Exterior-Only Free Vacuum Area  
video taken 12/13/2006

7.  Exterior-only Conveyor - with prepping, with hand toweling, but no after-care services     Hurst (Ft. Worth), Texas

23.   Hurst Rapids Video 2

24.   Hurst Rapids Video 6

25.   Hurst Rapids Video 7

26.   Hurst Rapids Picture 2

27.   Hurst Rapids Picture 3

8.  Express exterior conveyor at a large multiprofit center auto care facility      Grand Prairie (DFW), Texas
28.    Grand Prairie Exxon Video 2          Video Taken 12/17/06

29.   Grand Prairie Exxon Picture 1         Taken 12/17/06

30.   Grand Prairie Exxon Picture 11       Numbers 11 through 25 were taken 10/16/06 with a camera that takes lower quality images.

31.   Grand Prairie Exxon Picture 14

32.   Grand Prairie Exxon Picture 16

33.   Grand Prairie Exxon Picture 17

34.   Grand Prairie Exxon Picture 18

35.   Grand Prairie Exxon Picture 20

Grand Prairie Exxon Picture 22

Grand Prairie Exxon Picture 25

9.  Freestanding Double In-bay Automatic next to a Race Trac 'super pumper' convenience store

38.   Euless LaserWash Video      Video Taken 12/18/2006

39.   Euless Double In-bay Automatic

40.   Euless Double In-bay Automatic 2

10.  Combination Self-Serve and In-Bay Automatic (about a quarter mile from the full-service in number 11 below)

41.   Southlake California Combination: Dryer From Front       Video Taken 12/21/2006

42.   Southlake video 2

43.   Southlake video 3

44.   Southlake video 4

45.   Southlake Picture 1

46.   Southlake Picture 2

47.   Southlake Picture 3

48.   Southlake Picture 4

11.  Full-Service Car Wash with Large Canopy over Traditional Exit-End Drying Area.     Wash Building Face not Parallel to Frontage Road.

49.   Short Video      Video Taken 12/21/2006

50.   Longer Video

51.   Picture

12.   Full-Service Car Wash and Lube Center, with Exterior-only Wash Option

52.   Video 1

53.   Video 2

54.   Video 3

55.   Picture 1

56.   Picture 2

57.   Picture 3

58.   Picture 4

59.   Picture 5

60.   Picture 6

13.  3-bay Pure Self-Serve         A 'neighborhood car wash'.

61.   Video 13-1

62.   Video 13-2

63.   Picture 13-1

64.   Picture 13-2

65.   Picture 13-3

14.  7-bay SS + 2-bay Dog Wash (under construction)

66.   Picture 14-1

67.   Picture 14-2

68.   Picture 14-3

69.   Picture 14-4

70.   Picture 14-5

71.   Video 1

72.   Video 2   360-degree


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