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The following software is available to those people who have made a formal request for a car wash loan from us.  We will provide to you the information to easily download these worksheets to your computer or we can e-mail them to you.

Each worksheet is available in MS Works, MS Excel, and in IBM Lotus 1-2-3 formats.  These worksheets allow you to make changes easily.  The worksheets recalculate the totals and other formulas for you automatically.

1.  Revenue and Cash Flow Projections (multiple versions for your specific type of car wash)
Used primarily for new car washes and for extensive refurbs.  Allows for monthly revenue ramp-up and monthly seasonality.  Calculates loan payments that are included as a cash outflow.  Calculates cash flow before and after loan payments.

2.  Proforma Cash Flow Analysis - Backwards to Selling/Purchase Price
For buying an existing car wash.  Using the amount of money that you want to make each month/year and your expected loan terms, gives the price that you can afford to pay given a customary down payment.  Can help you to quickly determine the price at which you can make money.  Excellent for negotiating your purchase price.

3.  Proforma Cash Flow Analysis (for 5 years, or for 4 years and a year-to-date period)

For buying or refinancing existing car washes.  Uses historical revenue and historical expenses to show historical cash flow.  You can enter adjustments to the historical revenues and expenses to show the adjusted cash flow in those past time periods.  Also calculates the proforma cash flow after the loan payments.

4.  Construction Costs Worksheet
 Helps to identify all project costs to avoid unexpected costs.  Includes a list of common project costs.  You can delete or add costs to the provided list.  Calculates a total hard and soft cost number.

5.  Business Plan Outline (multiple versions for your specific type of car wash)
Includes a number of questions and ideas to help you identify the things that you may want to cover in your plan.

Together with the full outline we can also provide to you a 'blank' business plan outline that is already formatted.  You can easily type your responses to the questions in the full outline or enter any information that you like.  This outline includes the main title, all of the section headings, and the page numbers.  All you have to do is download, type, and print.  This blank outline is available for MS Works, MS Word, and IBM Lotus WordPro.

6.  Car Wash Loan Request Worksheet
List of common items.  Does the math for you.

7.  Balance Sheet and Income Statement
Useful when it is necessary to produce interim (year-to-date) financial statements for your car wash or other businesses.  You may not need this if you are already using accounting software.        

8.  Construction Loan Advance (Draw) Worksheet
Helps you track the draws made from your construction loan.  Loan advances are shown by category such as "Land", "Construction", "Equipment", and "Working Capital".  Determines the amounts still available to you in each category and in total.

9.  Prepaid Expenses
Track your cash outlays made prior to your loan closing.  Customary and reasonable costs of your project paid by you  before your loan closing count dollar-for-dollar toward your down payment.

We will provide to you other software worksheets from our collection if you need them.

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