Car Wash Site Selection and Car Wash Construction

There just aren't many articles on car wash site selection available on-line.  If you find an article related to car wash site selection that is not already on this list please e-mail the site address to me and I will add a link to it here.  The following articles are from Modern Car Care, Professional Carwashing & Detailing, and Auto Laundry News.  These articles are in no particular order.

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Zoning and Permitting
Designing and Constructing a New Car Wash
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Site Selection

Finding the Barn Burner - February, 2006

Soap Solutions:  Self-serve Site Selection - March, 2005

Focus on Site Development - January, 2004

How Much Does Traffic Count? - July 1995                                                         
Beyond Bricks & Mortar Part I:  A Fresh Perspective on Strategic Site Planning (Part I)

Beyond Bricks & Mortar Part II:  Game Plan for Successful Site Development

Self-Serve Construction Is All in the Planning

The truth about traffic counts

Choosing a self-serve location and site

Carwash zoning: Case studies in success

Zoning and Permitting

Prospecting: A necessary carwash evil

Self-serves serve-up success

Carwash regulations eyed by California City

Town awash in carwash permits

Carwash zoning: Case studies in success

New Zoning Law Could Wreck Carwash Plans

Whiz Car Wash Zoning Hearings Continue

Zoning In on the Carwash Site
Facing a zoning board requires preparation and an informed team

Before the First Car Is Washed Maze of Rules and Mess of Regulators Confront Wash Owners

Carwash, Town at Odds Over Zoning Violations

Special Permit Awarded to Carwash

Don't Let the Government Rule Your Carwash

Zoning Board Considers New Carwash Site

Neighbors Object to Proposed Carwash

Georgia Carwashes Get P&Z Scrutiny

Drive & Shine Carwash Gets Zoning Approval

City Denies Request for Carwash

Residents Unhappy About Proposed Carwash

Designing and Constructing a New Car Wash

More than Soap & Bubbles

Prepare for Stormy Weather

Are You Ready for Reclaim?

Reap the Benefits of Energy-Efficient Motors

Carwash Doors: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Forms Follows Function in Facility Design (lube Center)

Noise Gets the Nod as "Arch Enemy No. 1"

Stand-Out Vacuum Islands Pay Dividends

Bright Lights......Big Business

Less Space, More Washing

Focus on site development.             

Are You in Compliance with the ADA?

10 Ideas for Trouble-Free Construction

From Ground-Breaking to Grand Opening, Part I

From Ground-Breaking to Grand Opening, Part II

Construction Options
Do your homework and experiment with care

Avoid Carwash Project Sticker-Shock

The Future Is So Bright:
Canopies Provide Economical Way to Increase Profits

Other Related Articles

Car-Wash Construction

Selling Power - Make your carwash appealing to potential buyers - March 2006

Special Report: Building or Buying a Conveyor Carwash - January 1998

Designing the Perfect Tunnel for Your Market     June 1997
Managing Environmental Risks in Real Estate Transactions    June 2001

Are Fiberglass Walls For You?       May 2003

Developing a self-service carwash business model

Vending Strategies Roundtable         December 2001

Colonial Style Wash Adds Beauty, Convenience To Quality Florida Site

Prestigious Market Creates Unique Challenges

Greener Means Cleaner Water Reclaim Saves Environment and Money

Manufacturer's Showcase - March 2002:  Water Treatment   (special advertising section)

Quality Water The Essential Ingredient for a Quality Car Wash  

Big Brother is Watching...Your Car Wash!   (digital video surveillance)

Renovation Revives Oregon Wash

Showplace Car Wash Exhibits Size, Speed, and Quality

Stimulus Package Can Rev Up Your Car Wash     (good reminder to talk to your CPA!)

Mix 'n' Match:   Is a Lube Bay at Your Self-Serve Wash Right for You?

Car Wash Corral:  It's All Inside   (Calgary cold weather car wash - YEE HA!)

At Andy's Success is Clear

Express Wash Lures With Savings in Time and Money    (exterior-only conveyors are relatively new to some areas )

Dry, Drier, Driest: The Right Results from the Right System

Drying Systems        (special advertising section)

Residents Voice Concerns Over Noise

The Future Is So Bright
Canopies provide economical way to increase profits

Nothing Could Be Finer in Either Carolina
Homework pays off for a first-time operator

Carwash Doors: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Finding and maintaining the right doors will save headaches

How to "Sign Up" for More Business
These tips from the pros can improve your ability to communicate

Is It Time to Add an In-Bay Automatic ?

Bright Lights, Big Carwash
Arizona full-serve goes above and beyond the ordinary

Galveston's Other Hidden Treasure
Operator talks about his newest carwashing venture

The Cloister Is Truly a "Moving" Experience
This Pennsylvania powerhouse features five conveyors

Carwash Caught in Noise Dispute

Fifties-Themed Carwash Receives Support from Planners

Hold On To Your Hat
Home-style operators take Texas by storm

Carwash, C-Store and Gas Station Approved

A profile of in-bay success

Expert: New washes will be forced to conserve water

Noise Gets the Nod as "Arch Enemy No. 1":  Operators look at various ways to reduce decibels

Car Wash Veteran Introduces New Technology, Designer Look

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