Car Wash Revenue and Cash Flow Projections
usually for new construction only

Revenue and cash flow projections (forecasts) are usually only done with 1.) new car wash construction and 2.) with a car wash purchase where the car wash will be extensively refurbished.  If you are buying an existing car wash you would normally do a Pro forma Cash Flow Analysis , not Projections.

We provide to our car wash loan applicants Car Wash Cash Flow Projections software that we have pre-formatted for the specific type of car wash that you plan to build.  This software is easy to use, even for computer novices.

With the projections software you can easily make changes to any number in the cash flow projections.  This allows you to create a variety of  "what if?" scenarios.  When you make changes to your revenue and expense numbers the software automatically recalculates the car wash monthly cash flow for you.  This will save you considerable time.

The detailed written assumptions for each revenue item and each expense item are the most important part of your projections.  We will explain to you how to get the information that you need to prepare the projections and to prepare the assumptions.  We will provide you with examples of each assumption that you can follow to prepare your own assumptions.

We try to make preparation of the Revenue and Cash Flow Projections as easy for you as possible.

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