Learning More About the Car Wash Industry

We recommend that you start by reading.

My suggestion is to get the car wash industry overview booklets from Jim Coleman Company in Houston ("Turning Water Into Money") and from Mark VII Equipment in Arvada, Colorado ("Investing in the Car Wash Industry").

The telephone number for Jim Coleman Company is 713-683-9878. Their web site address is "jcolemanco.com".  The telephone number for Mark VII Equipment is 303-423-4910. Their web site address is "mark7inc.com".  If you are already in contact with an equipment dealer that person may also be able to get an industry overview booklet from his or her equipment manufacturer for you.

There are several excellent magazines that will help you to get a quick and concise overview of the car wash industry.  These are Professional Carwashing & Detailing, Modern Car Care, Auto Laundry News, and Self-Serve Car Wash News.  These publications are linked under menu item "19.  Car Wash Industry Magazines".

You can also get a good feel for the industry by reading and participating in the bulletin boards at "carwash.com " and at "autocareforum.".  These forums (also known as 'bulletin boards' or "discussion groups") are linked under item "21.  Car Wash Industry On-Line Discussion Groups".

There are two main discussion groups.  Carwash.com is geared more toward the full-service conveyor and exterior-only conveyor car wash sectors.  Autocareforum.com is geared more toward the self-serve and in-bay automatic sectors of the industry.  Both discussion sites cover topics related to ALL car wash types.  You will probably want to read and participate in both.  If you are a "newbie" to the industry, many discussion group veterans recommend that you start with the oldest posts and read forward.

If you haven’t done so already, join your regional car wash association.  Attend every meeting (quarterly or monthly) offered by the association and go to the annual trade show. Attend and participate in the seminars. You’ll make some very good contacts this way.  The car wash industry associations are linked under item "18.  Car Wash Association Web Sites".

Another very good way to learn more about the car wash industry is to seek out and introduce yourself to people who own a car wash or car washes that are not in the immediate area where you plan to own a car wash.

There are many people who are already in the car wash industry who are glad to help you learn more about owning and operating a car wash.  Car wash owners share a great deal of information among each other.  Many owners will gladly share information with you, too.

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