Common Car Wash Expenses

When buying you'll want to determine whether each of these should appear on the historical tax returns and year-to-date income statements.  When building you'll want to consider each one for inclusion in your cash flow projections.

<>Owner Salary
Management Salaries
Management Incentives and Bonuses
Hourly Labor (including part-time attendants)
Payroll Taxes (we estimate these at 8% of total payroll, may vary by state)
Employee Benefits, including life and health insurance
Workmen's Compensation Insurance
"Key Man" Life Insurance
Water (includes fresh and waste water billings)
Gas or Liquid Fuel
Chemicals (for bays or tunnel)
Salt (for water softener)
Vending Products
Repairs and Maintenance (service labor and parts)
Accounting and Legal
Consulting Fees
Property Taxes (real estate and personal property)
Land Lease Payment or Rent
Equipment Lease Payment or Rent
Office Expenses
Telephone (including office, cell, pagers)
Dumpster (garbage collection and hauling)
Snow Removal or Snow Plowing
Pit Cleaning Service (Pit Vacuum Service)
Alarm Service/Security
General Supplies
Uniforms and Laundry Service
Vehicle Damage
Property & Casualty Insurance
Dues and Subscriptions (associations and publications)
Travel and Entertainment
Vehicle Fuel and Oil
Credit Card Fees
Bank Fees
Interest Expense
Federal Income Tax Payments (quarterly)
State Income Tax Payments
State Franchise Taxes
Advertising and Promotion
Donations and Gifts
Sales Tax (in some states - for example, Kansas, New York)

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