Common Construction Costs

Most of these are itemized in most general construction contracts.  Some, such as Architect's Construction Drawings, Landscaping, or Pole Signs, may be contracted separately from the general contract.

There are "estimates" based upon basic drawings or upon an engineer's conceptual drawing, "quotes" based upon the basic architectural drawings, and "contracts" based upon complete drawings and specifications as approved by the relevant government authorities.  We add a 10% contingency to estimates and quotes.  We may add a smaller contingency to the final contract amount.

The contingency should take care of cost overruns and design changes.  You are not required to draw (borrow) all of the money available under your approved and closed construction loan.

We recommend that you check your construction bids, and the final contract, carefully against the costs listed below to make sure that you have included ALL of the customary costs in your Total Project Cost number.  Construction contracts often do not include utility connection fees, utility construction costs, utility deposits, landscaping, and signage, among others.  These costs often total about $75,000 or more.

We provide to our loan applicants an easy-to-use project cost tracking worksheet so that you can more easily calculate your project costs and avoid overlooking costs.  This is available to you in Excel, Lotus, and Works formats.  Any costs not included in your initial loan approval must either use the construction contingency or must be paid by you dollar-for-dollar. Keep the construction contingency just for change orders and for other costs that truly could not have been foreseen.

Construction Soft Costs

Civil Engineering Fees (for site plan/conceptual drawing)
Architect's Construction Drawings
Electrical, Plumbing, and Mechanical Engineering Drawings (if not provided by Architect)
Legal Work for Rezoning
Soil (Geotechnical) Report    (for foundation and building engineering)
Initial Plan and Cost Review (Construction Cost Feasibility Study)
Payment and Performance Bond
Workmen's Compensation Insurance
Workmen's Liability Insurance
Construction Management Fee (most often is part of the loan costs)
City Construction Inspection Fees
Builder's Risk Insurance (a/k/a Builder's Casualty and Liability Insurance)
Construction Permits
Storm water (Drainage) Impact Fee
Transportation Impact Fee
Water Tap Fee
Sewer Tap Fee
Gas Connection Fee
Electrical Connection Fee
Construction Concrete Forms Stake-out (determining locations for forms)

Construction Hard Costs

Demolition and Site Work
Utility Construction (water, waste water, electrical, storm drainage)
Electric (water, waste water, gas, etc..) utility service installation and/or connection fee
Storm water Detention Pond (or System)
Building Foundation
Exterior Walls
Concrete Block, Brick, Glazed Block, Tile Wall Covering
Pre-fabricated Metal Framing
Roof System
Blown-on Fiberglass Wall Covering
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning
Exterior Walk-In Doors
Interior Doors
Overhead Bay Doors (cold weather areas)
Vacuum Area Total Coverage Metal Framed Canopy
Backlit Vacuum Island Canopies
Backlit Wall-Mounted Canopies
Backlit Mansard
Painting - Exterior
Painting - Interior
Driveway Area Base & Asphalt
Driveway Area Concrete
Concrete Walkways
Carstops and Lot Stripes
Job Sight Cleanup
Contractor's Profit
Utilities Expenses During Construction
Metal Framed Fabric Canopies for Vacuum, Drying, and/or Detailing Areas
Landscape Design and Installation (often not a part of the construction contract)
Signs On Buildings
Signs On Bay Walls
Pole Sign, including Reader Board (almost always not a part of the construction contract)

These lists may not include all of the costs of your specific project.  Speak with your equipment supplier, construction contractor, local permitting department, and utility suppliers.

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