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If you are new to the car wash industry we recommend that you get a subscription to all six of these publications. (Yes, all six.) Apparently Professional Carwashing & Detailing has the largest circulation, with Auto Laundry News in a close second. Self-Serve Car Wash News seems to have a loyal following among self-serve owners.  WashTrends is for those who are interested in knowing the hottest trends in the industry.  All of these magazines include excellent ideas for operating car washes.  You can decide later which magazines are most important to you.

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America's Car Care Business
PO Box 25310
Scottsdale, AZ  85255-9998
Phone:  480-585-0455
Fax:  480-585-0456

no web site noted

Auto Laundry News

E.W. Williams Publications Co.
2125 Center Avenue
Fort Lee, NJ  07024
Phone:  201-592-7007  (Subscriptions:  Extension 26)
Fax:  201-592-7171

Fast Lube Survey in the March issue.
Self-Serve Survey in the May issue.  Includes some information on in-bay automatics at self-serve car washes.
Conveyor Survey in the July issue.

One-year Subscription Rate:  $56.00
Two-year Subscription Rate:  $84.00
Individual Issues:  $7.00

Modern Car Care
Virgo Publishing, Inc.
3300 North Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ  85012
Phone:  480-990-1101  (Subscriptions:  Extension 1285)
Fax:  480-990-0819

All correspondence should be addressed to:
Modern Car Care
P.O. Box 40079
Phoenix, AZ  85067-0079

Buyers Guide in the December issue.
Annual Article Index in the December issue.

One-year Subscription Rate:  $69.00
Two-year Subscription Rate:  $ not posted
Individual Issues:  $ not posted

Professional Carwashing & Detailing
National Trade Publications, Inc.
13 Century Hill Drive
Latham, NY  12110-2197
Voice:  518-783-1281  (Subscriptions:  Extension 3167)
Fax:  518-783-1386

Detailing Survey in the September issue.
Automatic Carwash Statistical Survey in July issue.  (Full-Service Conveyor and Exterior-Only Conveyor)
Self-Serve Statistical Survey in February issue.  Includes in-bay automatic survey.
Second issue in November is the Buyers Guide.

One-year Subscription Rate:  $74.00
Two-year Subscription Rate:  $111.00
Three-year Subscription Rate:  $174.00
Individual Issues:  $15.00 (prepaid)                   updated 7/6/2004, from Michael Perkins

Self-Serve Car Wash News
Jarret J. Jakubowski, Publisher
P.O. Box 6341
Grand Rapids, MI  49516
Voice:  616-949-5618
Fax:  616-949-3689

e-mail Jarret at:       (e-mail address updated 7/20/2003)

Two-year (Six-issue) Subscription Rate:  $10.00
Four-year (Twelve-issue) Subscription Rate:  $20.00 (price includes one free "back" issue)
Individual Issues:  One:  $7.00    Two:  $12.00   Three:  $14.00     Four or more:  $4.00 each

Wash Trends
Mid-Atlantic Carwash Association and Bay Media, Inc., Publishers
550m Ritchie Highway, #271
Severna Park, MD 21146
Voice:  410-647-8402

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