Useful Software and Additional File Readers


If we send you a file and you are unable to open it using one of the other file readers listed, try OpenOffice.  OpenOffice is compatible with all other major office suites, the product is free to download, use, and distribute.  Download this free software if we, or anyone else, sends you an Excel file or a Word Document and if you don't have Microsoft Office, Excel, or Word.


From time to time, we send applicants files in Microsoft Word and Excel formats.  If you do not have these software packages installed on your computer, downloading these links will allow you to view the documents.  Unlike using OpenOffice, using these viewers you cannot make changes to the Excel and Word files that you receive.  The only advantage to using the viewers is that they are faster to download and use quickly.

Microsoft Excel Viewer

Microsoft Word Viewer


If you are interested in viewing the videos on our pictures and videos page, you will need to download a free version of Quick Time Player.


If you have a scanner, these two programs will be particulalry useful to you.  If your scanner will allow you to scan, or 'copy', to a printer you can include a pdf file creator/writer as one of your printers.  This will enable you to sign a document with a pen, scan/copy it to a pdf file, rename the file as a descriptive name, then attach it to an e-mail.  Easy.

1.  PDF Creator is FREE.  If you know how to Print, then you know how to use PDF Creator.  You can read about it at the following link, but before you download the program there continue reading here below the link.

The identical program is available through PC World magazine using the link below.  It seems that the installation is a little different (better) through the magazine's web site:  I was able to select a hard drive other than C, where I was not given that opportunity from the web site above.,62649-order,1-page,1-c,office/description.html

2.  Win2PDF is a low-cost PDF file creator that enables you to 'append' or 'prepend' an existing pdf document.  This ability is particularly useful when you need to combine multiple scanned pages into one names document.  I paid $35 and it has been an excellent investment.  It also works quickly and easily as a printer.

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